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Rental Property Experts

The Christchurch rental market, known for its unique behaviour compared with other major New Zealand cities, poses both challenges and opportunities.

That’s where Rentworks Property Management comes to the fore. In the five years since Brent Manderson and Steve Hawker took over the business, their extensive property management experience has helped them navigate this distinctive environment, and achieve significant growth, doubling the number of properties under management.

The team at Rentworks, which has now expanded to include four property managers, takes pride in simplifying the property management process. They handle everything from tenant selection, rental fee determination, rent collection, and maintenance inspections. “Our background as property managers and investment property owners means that we are well-equipped to provide advice on market rates, and stay updated on ever-changing legislation and regulations that impact the rental property market,” they say.

Upcoming regulation of the property management sector is on the horizon, and Brent and Steve welcome these changes with open arms. Their proactive approach has positioned them well, as they have already diligently implemented virtually all of the required measures so far announced, assuring that they maintain a leading edge in delivering exceptional service to their clients.

One of their core principles has been to develop personal relationships with property owners and tenants, setting them apart from the corporate, hands-off approach. They’ve remained highly visible in the business, meeting with owners regularly and encouraging visits from clients. This emphasis on the personal touch has contributed to their success.

In the ever-evolving Christchurch rental market, Brent and Steve have adapted to the changes, and their expertise is proving invaluable. “The local market is thriving, experiencing a surge in enquiries and applications for specific properties,” says Brent. “Rental demand is on the rise, and tenants’ heightened expectations for healthier living spaces have prompted significant enhancements in the overall quality of available housing options.”

Rentworks’ competitive fee structure, free rental assessments for property owners, utilisation of the latest technologies, and a deep understanding of the Christchurch rental market make them the go-to choice for both owners and tenants. “Our commitment to personal service, and staying ahead of the curve in property management, has propelled our growth, and we continue to be the leaders in the Christchurch property management industry,” adds Steve.

Visit Rentworks Property Management at 1/243 Blenheim Road, Riccarton, call 03 359 0308, Brent on 027 777 2178, Steve on 027 499 3186, or visit the website.


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